Scuderia Ferrari and Bianchi
A successful collaboration

When two noteworthy brands like Bianchi and Ferrari, that made history in cycling races and motorsports respectively, come together, the result is bound to be exciting and fascinating. This is what is going to happen as Bianchi, known as an iconic brand in the cycling world for its Italian creativity, innovation and design, joins forces with Ferrari, the revered sports car manufacturer and the most winning team in the history of Formula One, to launch the “Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari” project.



It’s a collaboration between two companies that, in their respective sectors, made history, leaving a unique mark of Italian style through their designs and innovation. Bianchi has always held a close relationship with the racing scene as a key function to develop their products.

The R&D and Design departments from Bianchi and Ferrari will work closely to develop exclusive models inspired by the technical excellence of the racing team.


Technology, performance, lightness, esthetic research, and material excellence are the key words for a project that will sign a landmark for cycling and motorsports enthusiasts.

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